Two Old Dogs Up to New Tricks

Two Old Dogs Up to New Tricks

Back to Basics

Since we last talked, I’ve embarked on a personal experiment to see if I can breath new life into my cold calling routine.  To be clear, I’m not one of those salespeople who loves this part of the job.  It’s because of this fact that I’ve driven myself to find new ways to do this work as it is vital to growing my business.

Before I get started, I thought it would be fun to share all the ways I’ve tried to avoid cold calling in the past.  I’ve tried to use the internet to drive leads, and that has proved lackluster at best.  For me, trying to use the internet proved to be a cop out.  I thought a mass mailing would work but that delivered very little response.  Again, trying to keep my prospects at arms length proved fruitless.  I stepped it up a bit by cold calling a list of manufacturers I Google’d in my area.  By simply asking who was in charge of the products/services I sell, I was able to target the mailers.  This proved a bit more successful .  My most successful response so far has occurred when I took that same list of folks and personally delivered a package to their receptionist with their name on it.  I then called a day or two later to follow up.  The response was not overwhelming but I did get a few e-mail queries back, a couple phone calls and two invitations to sit down and have a chat.

Lessons Learned

For me, I found that the more effort I made to personalize the contact the better.  This is not easy work and requires a lot of prep time but I’m convinced that this investment will pay off.  This has also encouraged me to reach out to others to find out what else is working to generate leads.  One recommendation was to take the personalization effort to the next level by creating virtual samples of my products and e-mailing them to my prospects.  Early indications are that that will be a hit too.  I got my first big meeting with a local aerospace company who asked me to bid on a project for them. The other tip was to join the local Chamber of Commerce.  Turns out I’ll be hosting a booth of my own at their upcoming Business Expo.  I’ll let you know how that pans out as I reach out and shake hands with all those expo attendees.

Happy Selling!